Riot Games Unveil Plans for the League of Legends Season 3 World Championship

Riot games have unveiled their plans for the Season 3 World Championship, which is the premier event for professional League of Legends esports on the world stage. The Season 3 World Championship will kick off on 16th September, when the best teams from each region will descend upon Southern California for a month of intense gaming. Semi-finals for the event will be held at the Galen Center, the site of last year’s final. Once this ultimate showdown has ended and those few great champions stand proud over their fallen competitors, the finals themselves will begin at the prestigious home of pro sports in Los Angeles, the Staples Center.

The World Championship final will take place on October 4th and is sure to be the pinnacle of pro League of Legends play this year, with the sport’s most dominant and well known athletes battling it out in front of more than 10,000 live fans, plus millions more online. The winning team will be crowned the Season 3 world champion and will walk away with the Summoner’s Cup and $1 million in cash. Tickets go on sale soon, which you can find here.

The road to the finals will not be easy (it never is, is it?). Professional teams from each region will play in qualifier events around the world to determine who gets a place in the World Playoffs. The top 14 teams from North America, Korea, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and an international wild-card will then head to Southern California for the playoffs. After the group stage and two critical single-elimination rounds, the two remaining teams advance to the Staples Center for an ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny.

Keep your eye on over the summer for news on the event as well as comprehensive coverage of every crucial match.

Interest in esports around the world has skyrocketed in recent years, but even more so over the past year. Viewership during the inaugural League of Legends All-Star event topped out at over 18 million unique viewers, with fans around the world casting more than 50 million votes to determine the event’s star players.