Tons of New Pokemon Revealed in This Weeks CoroCoro Magazine


 First up, we now know the types of the legendary Pokemon! Xerneas and Yveltal are pretty much what the fans expected at this point; Xerneas is pure Fairy type with ability Fairy Aura; which raises the power of fairy type moves, and a new move called Geo Control. Yveltal is a dark/flying type with the ability Dark Aura; which raises the power of dark type moves, and a new move called Death Wing!

Honedge was also show to have the ability No Guard (this means that it will be weak to both Ground and Fire moves).


Also shown are the first confirmed game exclusive Pokemon, Clauncher is exclusive to X, whilst Skrelp is exclusive to Y! Better start really thinking about what game you will want to get!


Now on the the new pokes! Let start with the “Aggressive Pokemon”; Goronda! It is the evolution of Pancham and it is 2’11 in height and weighs 136kg. It is a Fighting/Dark type, (sharing this with Scraggy and Scrafty from Pokemon Black and White). It has the ability Iron Fist and is able to learn Hammer Arm. Goronda also has a new method of evolution; but it is not stated what it is at this time…


Next up we have a new Squid pokemon Maika; the rotation Pokemon. It is 0.4 in height and weighs 3.5kg. It is a unique Dark/Psychic type pokemon with a move called Turn Over; which reverses stat changes!


Also shown is Mailka’s evolution,the reversal Pokemon, Karamenero. This Pokemon is 1’4 in height and 47kg. It is Dark/Psychic type as well and it will have the move Hypnosis. Both Maika and Karamenero can have either Suction Cups or Contrary as their ability.


A new fairy type Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Y is this is the Perfume Pokemon called Shushup, it is 0.2 in height and 0.5kg. It has the ability Healer and also the move Aromatherapy and looks super cute!


And the last new Pokemon is the Cotton Candy Pokemon, Peroppafu which will be exclusive to X. It is another pure Fairy type and it is 0.4 in height and 3.4kg. It has a new ability called Sweet Pale which stops allies from falling asleep and a new move called Drain Kiss. Yet another really sweet looking Pokemon.


But not only Pokemon where shown, 2 new gym leaders where revealed as well. The first is Shitoron (The guy with robot arms coming from his back) and the other is Zakuro. Both gym leaders Pokemon types were not revealed.


The new Pokemon Professor was also shown, Professor Purataanu and according to the scans, he will battle you at various points in the game!


Finally, the new evil team was named and shamed, Team Flair. There apparent goal is to get lots of money using Pokemon for evil deeds.


Tons of new info here but I think we can all agree Pokemon X and Y is looking better and better the more we hear about it!

What do you think of these new Pokemon? Do you like them? Let us know in the comments below!