The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 10/07

need for speed hot pursuit

It’s Wednesday which obviously means that midweek madness is here again, so let’s jump right in and see what we’ve got for you.

If you’ve got the urge to go fast, the want for quick movement or the…Need for Speed, then you’re in luck. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is on offer on Steam right now as well as other Need for Speed titles. Hot Pursuit is down to just £5.99 so pick it up while it’s hot! 

half life 2

Half-Life 3 confirmed, this has to mean something, it’s a sign. Half-Life 2 is on sale now for 75% off…wait a minute 75% = 3/4. 3 is a number…the number everyone wants to the next half-life to be…make of that what you will. Half-Life 2 is down to just £1.74 so you have no excuse if you haven’t played it yet.

organ trail

The extremely fun Organ Trail takes the standard zombie apocalypse game and makes it 8-bit and a little bit ludicrous. Down to just £1.99 the game is very fun and very silly at points so pick it up for a good time.