Master Yi Gets Re-Worked For The Next League of Legends Patch

Master Yi Comic thumb

 Riot games recently revealed that Master Yi, one of the original characters on the League of Legends roster, is getting re-worked for the next patch.

Master Yi will be changed to embrace both his AD and AP build play styles with an emphasis on Top Lane or Jungle play. His new ability set will, by the looks of things, take into concideration more AD than AP from before but will encompass the straight up damage of the AD build and the nuke a duke style of the AP build.

Riot says that this will turn Master Yi into a viable option for the next season of play for both casual and ranked players. This sure looks like it from the views of many, but is this going to make Master Yi too powerful? We wont know for sure until he is officially re-released.

So what do you think about Master Yi’s re-work? Do you think it was needed for the new season or  do you think he is now way too powerful for his own good? Let us know your impressions in the comments below.