Lucien, The Purifier Joins The League of Legends Roster

Lucian Comic

 Riot Games recently revealed, after some rumours floating around, that Lucien is the newest champion to enter the League of Legends roster.

Lucien, the Purifier, was initially rumoured as the Gun Templar a couple of months ago by Merello, lead champion designer from Riot Games. Now that he has been officially revealed as the Purifier the LoL community has gone haywire. From the people I have spoken with, everyone seems to be on the same boat. Lucien seems like a fantastic champion for the roster.

The other reason why a lot of players are looking forward to this champion is because he is the first ever Black Male character in the game. Everyone has been waiting for when Karma had a male counter part and now we have it.

His abilities look great for a bot lane carry with an emphasis on constant damage output and ability synergy. Because some of his abilities have a ‘magical light’ to them it is possible that Lucien could have AD & AP ratios with his set. This means he could be a potential hybrid carry in the bot lane like Miss Fortune or Ezreal.

So what are your thoughts on Lucien, The Purifier? Are you in shock and awe or are you not impressed with the new kid on the block? Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep an eye out for the official review of Lucien when he is released.