Let’s Get Ready To Bundle: The Debut 3 Bundle

Indie Royale’s newest bundle, The Debut 3 Bundle, has 5 brand new indie games you for you enjoy. All of them are currently on Steam Greenlight so show some love and check out it out.

For the current minimum (Currently £3.07/$457) the five games on offer are:


Stained (RealAxis Software) – Physics based Side-scrolling game based around smashing glass and enemies (Windows, Desura, Greenlight)

Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing (SomaticVision) – Racing and high-score based Jet Ski game featuring beautiful looking water with proper physics (Windows, Mac, Desura, Greenlight)

LogiGun (SodiumEyes) – Puzzle platformer  2D side-scroller based around numerous tools including a bow and arrow and grapple-gun (Windows, Desura, Greenlight)

Tales of Maj’Eyal (dark7god) – Roguelike turn-based RPG. Tactical combat and a system rife for experimentation make an interesting experience similar to Dungeons of Dredmor (Windows, Mac, Linux, Desura, Greenlight)

Crayon Chronicles (outergridgames) – Short RPG with randomly generated enviroments that encourage repeat play-throughs (Windows, Desura, Greenlight)


For beating the minimum (currently £5.47/$8.15) you will get the bonus album “The Raven” by Haberdashery. A electropop reimagening over The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, an interesting concept that is well worth the few extra pennies.

The bundle can once again be found here and is running for another seven days. A week to consider taking a chance on these five brand new indie games.

What do you think? Willing to give these 5 brand new games a go? Will you support them on Steam Greenlight? Let us know in the comments.