American McGee’s OZombie Undergoing A Name Change

American McGee’s upcoming title OZombie is undergoing a name change as OZombie was “causing too much confusion” amongst the fanbase. After asking fans to submit potential names to replace OZombie, American McGee have short-listed 4 potentials to replace it:

1. Oz Adventure: Tyrant of Oz
2. Oz Adventure: Strawman’s War
3. Oz Adventure: Broken Road
4. Oz Adventure: Yellow Brick Road Warrior

Got a better idea for a name? Well tough you’re too late:

“For the sake of time and efficiency, please vote for just one of the above titles – and resist the urge to submit new name ideas. We want to move quickly to secure a new name so that we get away from “OZombie” and all the confusion it created.”

The confusion it created is a little vague, but we assume it has something to do with the frankly ridiculous B movie, called Osombie in which Osama Bin Laden returns as a zombie with an army of zombie terrorists. How it didn’t scoop the Oscars we’ll never know. Fans could also be confused as to whether this title is actually linked to the Alice series for which American McGee is so famous or not. But we prefer the Osama Bin Laden Zombie angle, much funnier.

Head over to the KickStarter page and vote for your favourite now, but be warned that you must be a backer to vote.