360 Gamer To Become One Gamer This July.

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360 Gamer, the  UK’s most prolific Xbox magazine is being rebranded ONE Gamer, starting with their historic 130th issue which is being released on the 17th July.

“Just as 360 Gamer has led the way with 100% independent coverage of the Xbox 360 for almost eight years, ONE Gamer will be at the forefront of the Xbox One revolution,” said James Artaius, Joint Editor.

“With 129 issues, we’ve published more magazines dedicated to the Xbox 360 than anyone on the market,” added Artaius. “ONE Gamer will be the premier destination for all your information on the new console, but we’re not abandoning the 360. We’ll be covering both platforms side by side so, whichever Xbox is sat under your TV, ONE Gamer is the only publication you’ll need.”

One gamer will continue in the footsteps of 360 Gamer, providing news, previews, reviews, features and opinion pieces for Xbox One, whilst continuing to support and cover the Xbox 360. Here is an image of the new cover:

360 Gamer has been going since October 2005, providing great content at the lowest price on the market. “ONE Gamer is building on the success of the 360 Gamer brand and taking it to the next level,” said Ian Collen, Joint Editor. “At just £3.99 we will continue to be the lowest priced Xbox title on the shelves, and our readers will benefit from even more hands-on playtests, exclusive features and probing insights from a team that has over 200 years of combined videogame experience.”