Sir, You Are Being Hunted Screenshots Are Spiffing

Syabh earlyaccess001s

Nothing says “English Summer” like a spot of Pimm’s, biscuits and hunting a human through the forest. If that sounds like the kind of activity you enjoy then Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a game you may enjoy.

Bad Robot’s kickstarter game from November last year offers another slant at open-world survival gameplay. Not just running away from zombies or surviving a harsh winter, but rather a pack of armed robotic.

Scavenging a procedurally-generated world, akin to the Yorkshire Moors, Sir, You Are Being Hunted has players look for any advantage they can.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, take a look at these screenshots:

Syabh earlyaccess001sSyabh earlyaccess002s

Syabh earlyaccess003sSyabh earlyaccess004s

Syabh earlyaccess005sSyabh earlyaccess006s

Syabh earlyaccess007s


Sir, You Are Being Hunted is available to pre-order here and will be out on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux this year when it is ready.

What do you think? Did you give to the kickstarter? Ready to run from our robo-overlords? Let us know in the comments.