American McGee’s New Plan for Ozombie Kickstarter

In the recent OZombie Kickstarter updates American wanted to stress that he is listening to all of the backers and the fans:

“Please try not to interpret my responses (or lack of response) as being “arrogant,” “deceptive,” or ignorant of what’s going wrong here. Myself and Ophelea don’t have our heads in the sand. We discuss the campaign constantly. And we’re making adjustments as quickly as possible. We are just as frustrated with you to see how things are going.”

American then goes on to discuss his 3 step plan to address the largest concerns the community have had with the project so far:

1) They are going to be renaming the game (he also asked if anyone had any suggestions for a new title!).

2)They will be removing the Alice film rights from this campaign and will be launching a seconds crowdfunding project to cover it instead.

3) He will be making a new video to better explain and show off OZombie (Which should be out by the 19th of July)

We at VGU have loved the idea and concept of OZombie since the start of the campaign and it is great that American and his team are taking the time to really listen to the backers/fans and hear what they are saying. 

I don’t know about you but I am sure, whatever happens, OZombie will still turn out to be a great game. If you think so to , make sure you head over to the kickstarter project page and heck, why not back the project as well?

So, will you be backing OZombie? What do you think of the kickstarter project? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!