Persona 5 Domain Name Registered

 The Persona series has gained some steam since Persona 3, but reached critical mass after the release of Persona 4. Part of the long-running Shin Megami Tensei umbrella, Persona is a spin-off that has been going since 1996.

With the recent remake Persona 4: Golden and Fighting game spin off Persona 4: Arena reviewing very well, it is a given that a sequel is inbound at some point.

Fans have one of the first signs of an imminent announcement, domain registrations.

Persona 5 related domains have been registered, hurrah! So what comes next?

We begin to wait. Not a fun thing to do but there are more than enough games to keep fans entertained until Persona 5 news comes in. Use this as a chance to rewatch Persona 4: The Animation.

What do you think? Looking forward to Persona 5? What will you be expecting from a series that has skipped a generation? Let us know in the comments.