Greenman Gaming 666 Spotlight Special – Heavenly Encore

resi evil 6

You guys have to be quick this time as Greenman gaming are trading their devil horns for halos and putting back on every single deal we’ve seen this week for 30 hours only.

Day 1 saw games such as killing floor, Borderlands 2 and Resident Evil 6 all for cheaper prices.

Sword of the Stars The Pit Logo

Day 2 brought us Chivalry, Sword of the stars: The pit and Krater just to name a few.

the walking dead

Day 3 gave us the chance to get The walking dead, Devil May Cry and Xcom: Enemy Unknown for a cheaper price, and others.

Worms Crazy Golf Logo

Day 4 broughts us Bioshock Infinite plus 3 games, Worms Crazy Golf and Dawn of War, just to name a few.

the night of the rabbit

Day 5 offered A New Beginning: Final cut, Eve Online: Starter pack and The Night of the Rabbit.

velvet ass

Day 6 was the final day and offered games such as Remember Me, Velvet Assassin and Worms Pinball.