The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 05/07


Steam have some more great deals for you guys today to keep you busy this weekend, check out what’s on offer below.

One of the most fun zombie survival shooters out there is Left 4 Dead 2. You and up to 3 friends team up as you make your way to the safe points while fighting zombies ranging from the standard slow walkers to tanks, smokers and jockeys. This fun game is not only free to play for this weekend but is also on sale for just £3.74. Well worth picking up. 

sonic and all stars

Another fun game to play with friends this weekend for free is Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Play as many different characters from the Sonic series as well as many popular SEGA characters. The Steam edition also has Team Fortress 2 characters as playable racers. This weekend not only is it free to play as well but it’s down to just £4.99. A very fun game worth at least trying this weekend.

anno2070 header

Last but not least, Anno 2070 is a strategy game based years in the future where rising sea levels have damaged most of out coastal cities. This game really shows off with it’s amazing looking scenery which far outshines most FPS and RPG games. The game is down to just £13.39 this weekend so why not give it a play?