Team Fortress 2 Developers Decide to Explain Their Upcoming Huge Update

“If you’d rather not get spoiled on whether or not there’s an update coming soon, you’d better not read the rest of this sentence, and you also might want to skip directly to the last paragraph of this post. Then also don’t read it, because SPOILER: This post is allllllll about an upcoming update.”

This is from the latest TF2 Blog showing yet again that the guys at Valve want to show there player base that they care about them. The blog post in question covers some pressing concerns in some of the map designs and game balancing while further explaining that these will be addressed and fixed. They also revealed 2 new maps: Process and Standin promising unique and exciting gameplay; with Process containing five now “streamlined” Capture Points and Standin with its triple Cap Point free-for-all mode.

This update is looking to fix fans and enthusiasts problems with America’s No.1 War themed Hat Simulator so make sure you keep you eyes peeled for more info on this update coming soon!

What do you think of this TF2 update? Good or bad? Let us know what you think in the comments below!