Greenman Gaming 666 Spotlight Special – Day 5

rising storm

We’re on the 5th day of the Greenman Gaming 666 week, check out some of today’s deals below to see if there’s anything you want to pick up.

Rising Storm comes from the greatly successful and fun to play Red Orchestra franchise. Based in the pacific campains between 1942 and 1945 you play as US military personel or Japanese soliders. Hosting up to 64 player multiplayer battles with exciting and realistic gameplay this game is a great game even if you’re not a fan of FPS games. You can pick this game up now for just £7.49 so get it while it’s hot!

falen enchantress

Next up is Fallen Enchantress. A strategy game with morale choices thrown into the mix, you can choose to liberate or enslave the lands that you conquer. Showing off some impressive RTS graphics and adding some fun gameplay, this title is worth picking up especially when it’s got 60% off. Pick it up now for just £7.99

tropico 4

Tropico 4: Collecters Bundle includes the base game as well as all of the 7 DLC packs available. With an extensive campaign of over 20 missions, new natural disasters to compete with and facebook and twitter intergration, this game is perfect for gamers of any style. Pick up this huge package right now for just £7.49, that’s a low price for all that DLC.

Worms Crazy Golf Logo

Here’s a fun little gem out there for you all. Worms Crazy Golf combines the classic worms format and humour with the challenge of crazy golf. With customizable single player options and an extensive list of multiplayer modes, this game will easily bring you hours of fun. The game is also really cheap now as it’s down to just £1.25. Pick it up, we highly recommend it.


An odd little game up next. Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers is a self proclaimed ‘comic styled jump and slice platformer.’ Giving you the ability to shape the entire world at your will, you play as Tiny. Tiny is an inventor who is on a mission to reclaim his Grandpa’s underpants (seriously that’s what the description says). This fun little title is down to just £1.39 so if you’re curious it’s not going to cost you much to find out what this game is all about.

mafia 2

Finally Mafia II: Complete pack include the base game as well as the 6 DLC packs available. It’s been compared to GTA in the 1940s which can never be a bad thing. You play as Vito Scaletta, a guy hoping to make his way up the mafia ranks. This game is hours of fun and if you’re a fan of GTA style games, this one is certainly worth picking up. The game with all it’s DLC is on sale for just £7.39 so it’s not a deal to be sniffed at.