Gfinity London Happening Soon

Gfinity announce today that their first eSports tournament for Call of Duty and League of Legends will take place on the 13th and 14th of July.

Gfinity will host 2 world class tournaments, one for Call of Duty and the other for League of Legends. The best of Europe and North America will finally have a battlefield where they can test their steel against each other for the massive $110k prize pool. Being hosted in a descreet location and being able to compete by invite only, fans of the 18 hand picked teams will be able to watch the action on Gfinity’s channel. An event like this could reshape the UK eSports scene, which it has needed for quite a while now.

Will you be watching the Gfinity tournaments? Are you an eSports fan or think it’s a load of nonsence? Let us know in the comments below.