Microsoft to hold a press-conference at Gamescom 2013

Microsoft will be hosting a press conference at this year’s Gamescom in August. CVG reports that Microsoft has contacted some developers already about this conference and the company will be announcing their plans soon.

After having missed Gamescom last year, Microsoft are back this year with a new console to boot. Not only that, this press conference marks the first time Microsoft has ever held one at Gamescom.

A spokesperson for Microsoft had this to say: “We’re excited to be back at Gamescom this year but we’re not announcing any further details on our plans at this time. Please stay tuned for more details!”

Microsoft has had a bit of a rocky road as of late, with the departure of Don Mattrick as well as the Xbox One console policy debacle. Could this press conference in late August contain plans try and get back some more of the fan-base which they may have alienated? We’ll find out soon. Let us know what you think this press conference may feature or if you’ll be heading to Gamescom 2013.

Source: CVG