Spicy Horse Could Make An Alice Movie If You Help

Would you like to see an American McGee’s Alice movie? Perhaps a series of short films, something to keep the franchise going until EA give fans what they want and let American do the job he loves.

Well the world is one step closer to seeing this become a truth. On the OZombie Kickstarter page Spicy Horse has announced something to make fans giddy.  has reached a deal with Collision Entertainment, the owner to the rights to create an Alive movie.

For a healthy $100,000 Spicy Horse will be able to “make animated shorts based on the Alice property“. If this isn’t enough to peak your curiosity, for the much larger sum of $500,000 they will be able to buy the rights outright from Collision Entertainment. If this were done they would be able to create anything they wanted, from an animated short to an entire movie.

Spicy Horse are planning to pay for the initial $100,000 through the OZombie Kickster, adding it as a stretch goal once the game is initially funded. They are hoping to atleast have the $100,000 needed to produce material for a year with anything additional going towards producing it unless they make enough to buy the rights completely.

Hopefully this will go well for Spicy Horse as an avenue to continue the Alice: Otherlands project. With the imaginative mind of American McGee supporting it things atleast be fascinatingly surreal if they are in the same vein as the Alive Madness Returns cinematics.

Make sure if you want to see this idea a reality to back the Kickstart page that has been linked to multiple times already.

What do you think? Would you like to see an Alice: Otherlands movie? Will you be giving to the project? Let us know in the comments.