Chris Wynn leaves Epic to join Bioware for the next Mass Effect game

The senior producer of Epic Games’ Gears of War: Judgment, Chris Wynn, has stated via twitter that he will be leaving his post at Epic. He is to join up with Bioware for the role of senior development director on the next Mass Effect game.

Wynn has previously worked for EA, Bioware’s owner, where he was a development director on many EA Sports titles from back in 2003 for a six year period. He joined Epic last August for Gears of War Judgment and is now moving on to his next project.

There has been very little news so far on the next Mass Effect but with Wynn joining the team, things might start to kick off soon. Tell us what you think Chris Wynn can bring to the table for the next Mass Effect and what you would like to see in the game.

Source: Twitter, Joystiq