Greenman Gaming 666 Spotlight Special – Day 1

killing floor

So brace yourself for this. This week Greenman Gaming will be putting on sale 6 games, every 6 hours, for 6 days. Check out the first 6 games below and keep an eye on VGU for more deals throughout the week.

Killing Floor is a zombie survival horror with a co-op element to it. Like all good zombie games ofcourse it’s an FPS but unlike most games it’s actually set in England. Grab your gun, grab your friends and survive the apocalypse together. At 75% off, the game is down to just £3.74. Grab it now you fools!


Based on the latest blockbuster film Star Trek: Into Darkness, Star Trek let’s you and a friend play as 2 of the most influential Sci-Fi characters ever; Captain James T. Kirk and Mr Spock. Embark on this epic adventure through space dog fights, fire fights and bromantic stories. The game is down to just £13.59, which is an increible price for a game released this year.

guns of icarus

The next game is a great penny saver. Guns of Icarus Online is a one of a kind multiplayer where you are part of a crew on a steam-punk war airship. Focusing on truely cooperative gameplay this game is a great way to meet new friends and is also perfect for a large group to play together too. The best bit? It’s £1.99 so snatch it up while you can!


Truely fitting in with the 666 theme, Lucius is a game where you really are the son of satan. Equipped with demonic powers of telekenisis and mind control, you have to put your family through a set of “unfortunate accidents” in order to do the devil’s bidding and bring his minions to Earth. At £4.99 this game is certainly an experience worth purchasing, but may God be with you…or not.

resi evil 6

What needs to be said about Resident Evil 6 that hasn’t already been said? The latest installment of the classic zombie series lets you delve deeper and deeper into the twisted story of Resident Evil. The game is £9.99 right now so it’s worth picking up.