New Character Xenon Joins the Heroes of MapleStory

NEXON Europe has announced that the 2D MMORPG Maple Story will be gaining a new character and it is the first hybrid style character to join the ranks.

About Xenon

“Once a normal boy living in Edelstein, Xenon was captured by the genius scientist Gelimer of the Black Wings. Xenon’s memory was erased and the innocent boy was turned into a loyal member of the Black Wings. It wasn’t only his mind that was corrupted by Gelimer: his body redesigned for the Black Wings’ evil plans.

But Xenon has regained part of his past memories when the lab was attacked by Sigmund of the Resistance, who he now fights alongside.

Although the fight of the Resistance call’s Xenon, his true quest is to fully regain his memory and rediscover his past.  MapleStory players can take part in special stories that will help Xenon regain his memory. What mysterious will be unveiled in Xenon’s adventure?”

Xenon in Battle

“Xenon’s power is unmatched in battle as he wields the light saber ‘Energy Sword’ and can master the ‘Energy Control System’. Xenon’s hybrid fighting style is a first for MapleStory, making him the ultimate weapon against his old masters, the Black Wings.

Xenon also has the ability to use a host of new skills, including ‘Multilateral’ which grants specific bonuses in Strength, Dexterity and Luck.

NEXON Europe continues to provide exciting, premium quality updates to MapleStory that enrich the player experience and support the active community. “

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