Bioshock Infinite DLC News May Drop Next Month

Geoff Keighley, infamous/famous games journalist depending on your point of view, is a man in the know. Being one of the prominant faces in the industry who gets to talk to all of the industries most affluent developers and publishers, it would make sense he is in the privy when it comes to certain information.

Today he tweeted this little something:


 When this man hears a rumour and feels like sharing it, it is most likely accurate. This also comes a few days after Ken Levine himself gave an update on the DLC’s ETA:


What can we expect from the Bioshock Infinite DLC? Well it may include the rumored new AI companion and flesh out the world a little more. While Rapture was a tight self-contained ball, Columbia has left a few questions unanswered that the DLC could explore.

Even though the Season Pass Steam page is light on detail, it is expected that the game will have more than one piece of story-based DLC. It seems Irrational Games are hard at work to make the DLC a worthwhile purchase and not a slap-dash piece of drivel.

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