The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 28/06


Well as we say goodbye to another June Steam are here to give more games for less money for more fun. Check out the deals below and see if any take your fancy.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is one of our favourite games here at VGU, as you can tell by our late night let’s play videos. This first person slasher will give you and your friends hours of fun. The call of duty of the medieval ages, chivalry lets you choose from a wide range of weapons and classes to suit your play style. The game is down to just £6.45 and we are VGU can’t recommend you get this enough.


If swords aren’t quite your thing then maybe guns are. Natural Selection 2 is a multiplayer shooter which depicts the oldest battle mankind has never fought, us versus aliens. This action packed game is also down to £6.45 so why not pick this up if sword swinging isn’t you thing?


Not had your fill of sci-fi yet? Endless Space – Emperor Edition is an indie strategy game set in the depths of deep space. As you battle for control over planets and star systems, the game is very engaging and pulls you into it very easily. The game is only £8.49 so you may as well pick it up while you can!


Rocksmith has recently been shown to be the fastest way to learn guitar in a recent nation survey. Taking the elements of guitar hero but giving you a real guitar as the controller, Rocksmith is filled with mini games and other gameplay modes to help you really learn guitar. The game is down to just £7.49, which is really cheap for unlimted guitar lessons.