Garfield’s Wild Ride Out Now For Smartphones and Tablets.

Yes he’s back. The lasagna-loving lord of laziness, Garfield, has finally found a way to run off some of those calories in Garfield’s Wild Ride, the crazed side-scrolling runner out now on smartphones and tablets.

Unfortunately for Garfield’s waistline, all this running isn’t going to do him much good, as it all happens when he’s fast asleep. It turns out that when he’s not dreaming of lasagna, Garfield imagines himself hurtling through the air light as a feather in a world loaded with cat gymnastics, loony pick-ups and batty bonuses. Unlikely as it sounds, in his dreams Garfield can defy gravity.

Check out this trailer of Garfield running (and flying because he can do that now apparently) along grabbing coins…why a cat needs coins is also beyond me but who needs logic right?

The game is available now priced 0.99 USD / 0.89 EUR / 0.69 GBP from iTunes and the Google Play store.