Civilization V: Brave New World Launch Trailer

Firaxis Games already made a great game when Civilization V was released in 2010, an experience they built upon to make their first expansion “Gods & Kings” which came out Summer last year. Civilization V: Brave New World will hopefully turn this already amazing game, into one of the best strategy experiences ever.

Even though it is unknown if this will be the final instalment of content for this iteration of the franchise, Brave New World will hopefully be a fitting end to the three year series of content.

Fans may also notice that Michael Ironside is no longer narrating, replaced by the equally talented Keith David. This is the same Keith David who is appearing as himself in Saints Row IV. Older fans may remember Ironside took over from sci-fi legend Leonard Nimoy.

Civilization V: Brave New World is out on Windows and Mac OS X July 9th in NA and 12th everywhere else.

What do you think? Looking forward to Brave New World? Where do you think Firaxis could go from here? Do you prefer narrating? Let us know in the comments.