Australia Refuses To Classify State Of Decay

When the Australian Classification Board instituted new laws on what was allowed in the country, many Aussie gamers saw a bright future ahead. Sadly however this didn’t last long with news of Saints Row IV being banned for having an alien anal probe as a weapon. A second game has now crossed that fine line and will not receive an Australian release without edit; State of Decay.

Undead Labs developer Jeff Strain stated on their official forum that “We’ve run afoul of certain prohibitions regarding the depiction of drug use“. On possible option they are considering to get their game released is “changing names of certain medications in the game“. 

Fallout fans may remember this was how Stimpaks got their name, originally being known as morphine before the Australian board had an issue. 

So while some fans decry the lack of a PC release date, at least they know it is coming. It is a very real possibility that Aussie fans may never see this game on their golden shores.

State of Decay is out on XBLA right now.

What do you think? Waiting for the PC release? Do you think the Australian Classification Board is wrong? Let usk now below in the comments.