GetGames Rezzed Games Discount

 Rezzed at Birmingham NEC was this weekend but if you could not go for whatever reason we have got your back and brought the cool stuff back for you!

These discount codes below are generic and should be able to be used multiple times. You can head straight over to

A. Stronghold Kingdoms Deluxe Pack 25% off
Code: M9NC3

B. Hotline Miami 60% off
Code: R4JX9

C. Duke Nuken Megaton Edition 60% off
Code: P5WA4

D. Assassin’s Creed III 50% off
Code: B7ZF5

E. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon 25% off
Code: U5GK9

F. XCOM: Enemy Unknown 75% off

We have no idea how long these deal last, it could be this weekend only or a little longer. So if you have been planning on getting one of the games above but could not decide you might want to take the dive now and get them for a good price!

If you got a game or are thinking about it, let us know in the comments below.