Day One Update Planned For Xbox One

Talking to Polygon, Microsoft has confirmed that there will be a first day update for their next-gen console.

While the specifics update hasn’t been released yet, it has been hinted that it is “not tied directly to enabling offline functionality“.

A spokesperson stated “A day one system update for Xbox One has always been planned to accommodate the differences between hardware and software manufacturing schedules. This update is not tied directly to enabling offline functionality of Xbox One, but is required for the system to function both online and offline”.

This update will take place during the setup phase of the console whish is the only part which requires buyers to be online, although it is unknown if this update is the specific reason why.

In light of Microsofts shift in direction , the update seems like the implementation of the new focus. Even if the update had “always been planned” what were the specifics of the update before these changes?

If this update is the switch that allows the Xbox One to run offline without having to check in every 24 hours, what prevents this update from being slowly worked back to fit the original idea of the console? While many will continue to argue over that original idea being good or bad, if and when Microsoft pull such a move it will most likely not go down well.

What do you think? Do you think Microsoft will slowly roll back the update over time? Do you think this additional time will warm consumers up to the ideas that initially left them so cold? Let us know in the comments.