The not-quite-daily Steam Spotlight 19/06

mars war logs

So midweek is here already and we all know how awful Wednesdays are, so let’s try and improve it with some Steam sales to get you to the weekend. 

Mars: War Logs is an action-RPG based on everyone’s favorite red planet. This RPG is a pretty looking game too, with good scenery and characters and is definitely worth picking up. Right now the game is £10.04 so it’s cheaper than most games released this year, so why not pick it up?

dawn of fantasy

Do you like Indie, multiplayer, medieval, strategy RPGs? Who doesn’t?! Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars covers all of those genres in one game. Scoring reletively high reviews from sites, this game is worth picking up. Right now it’s only £7.49 so it’s certainly worth picking up.

mark of the ninja

Mark of the Ninja is an amazing side-scrolling game in the action-adventure genre. Every situation gives you options of how to deal with it, to prove that you are a true ninja. Right now the game is only £3 on Steam so it’s certainly worth the money!