Hotline Miami 2 Debut Coming New Week

Hotline Miami was a hypnotizingly surreal game. Dennaton Games created a grotesquely violent almost nonsensical adventure that at times seemed like a brilliantly addictive pastel nightmare. One that is about to be repeated.

The creators have been open about stating their intentions for a sequel that will also be the end to the Hotline Miami story. That would make this tweet, from the official Hotline Miami twitter, the beginning of the end:


When asked if this was pertaining to Hotline Miami 2 they responded with a simple “Yes“.

*Hotline Miami Spoilers” The hashtag in the tweet refers to the organisation acting behind the scenes in the first game, the people employing the hitman and the biker. With apparent cells all over the US, will they be making a return? Most likely.

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