New Pokemon Revealed in CoroCoro Magazine


 A TON of new Pokemon news is pouring in after the Pokemon Direct last night and the Fairy type reveal yesterday!

First up we can see here that Vivillion is a 3rd stage evolution Pokemon which evolves from Kofukimushi & Kofuurai, both of which are Bug-types!


Next up we have the Fire/Normal Lion Cub Pokemon Shishiko, i’m not going to lie, this thing is cute! This thing has a move called battle cry; which lowers the opponents attack, according to the scan.


And here we have a brand new fairy type Pokemon, Furabebe! According to the scan it knows a new Fairy type move called “Fairy Wind” as well!


But not all the scans showed off new Pokemon.This scan shows us some of the friends you will meet up with in Pokemon X and Y as well as a nice shot of the main Male character.

gym leader and friend 1

According to translation this scan shows a trainer called Pansy who will be in the Pokemon anime with her Gogoat and Helioptile (On the left) and the first gym leader, Viola, who uses Bug type Pokemon in Hakudan city!

These are some interesting looking Pokemon and it is great to see a pure Fairy type Pokemon revealed other than Sylveon. It is also nice to see that we will be interacting with some interesting characters in our journey through the Kalos Region.

What do you think of these new Pokemon from CoroCoro Magazine? Do you like there designs? Let us know what you think in the comments below!