New Pokemon and Sky Battles in Pokemon X and Y [UPDATE] Confirmed

POKEMON sky battle1

According to some leaked images, it now seems even the skies in the Pokemon universe are no longer safe! Images showing a Sky battle have now been leaked, so does this mean that you will have to fly everywhere manually in Pokemon X and Y? Could that be how you enter these battles? It’s a thought!

Also leaked was an image showing a Froakie battling multiple Houndours, could this mean that 1 vs Muli battles will be in Pokemon X and Y? Sounds like a challenge!


That’s not all, did you catch all the new Pokemon in the trailer? There are two that seem to have escaped everyone’s notice, Vivillon and Noivern! Vivillon looks to be the new Butterfree of the new region and Noivern is looking be a cool looking dragon/flying type pokemon based on a Bat.



But there is more! The fellows at PokeBeach also found some footage featuring a new seahorse pokemon and crustacean pokemon with what looked to be the fully evolved form of Fletchling in a sky battle with a Haunter!




Thanks to for the images!

charcter skybattle1

It seems sky battle are something you can be challenged to partake in by other trainers in Pokemon X and Y as this trainer is saying “Do you want to have a sky battle with me?”

[UPDATE] All the information has been confirmed at E3!

What do you think of these new Pokemon? What do you think of multi battles and sky battles? Let us know what you think in the comments below!