Ubisoft Announces New Multiplayer RPG “The Division”

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Virus, darkwinter, complex world, pandemics, directive 51. That is a lot of different words to digest in a short teaser. Thankfully we got more than a tease for the next Tom Clancy game “The Division”.

Showing a good chunk of gameplay, Ubisoft displayed nn open-world RPG. The Division takes tactical shooting to a new high on PS4 and Xbox One. With America in pieces after an unknown disease has ravaged it to the core, players must survive in the harsh climate of a snowy American winter.

Players can band together to take on missions to find better gear, fighting man and nature.

It seems to take more than a few nods from the Vertigo comic DMZ.

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On next-gen hardware, The Division is set in an Brooklyn hit by a brutal pandemic. With tablet support mentioned but not specified in what capacity, Ubisoft ended their show with their new IP.

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