The Crew Debuts At Ubisoft E3 Conference

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 Ubisoft shows its next-gen support with Ubisoft CEO himself Yves Guillemot announcing The Crew, the next game from the guys at Reflections. It will also be an entirely online experience with a persistant world.

The trailer, with some CG so impressive it almost looks real, shows a car chase with sime choice vehicles taking on the cops with parts changed on the fly.

The Crew will allow teams of players to take part in vehicle based heists across a condensed version of America with “total freedom”. Las Vegas and Miami will be just two of the city hubs.

Other drivers may be AI or other gangs. Missions can change on the fly as other players get involved.

Car customization will be in-depth, allowing for tailor-made creations to take on specific missions and challenges. Tablets can even be used to make their own cars that can be accessed in game.

A short demo gave the impression of being very arcade like, but that is by no means a bad thing. A premise like this needs to be arcade like. To the tune of the band Sleigh Bells, a group of players took down a target before the police got involved.

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The Crew will be out on both Xbox One and PS4.

Coming out early 2014, hopefully the game will be just as fun as their last game Driver: San Francisco. 

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