New Information Released About Titanfall

Titanfall is a new FPS game from new studio, Respawn Entertainment. The game is set to be released on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC and is sure to bring a new invigorating experience into the FPS genre.

The developers in a video presented what they wish to create from the game. They wish to construct a new and fun experience to gamers that love their FPS’s. The devs also discussed how the game is multiplayer but it encompasses a single player world to introduce narrative in a new way.

With the inclusions of Titans, that can be called down at any time, players can go from normal ground combat to Titan combat where the game changes completely. You can either be continuing the killing spree or be a big target for opponents around you.

So what are your thoughts on Titanfall? Do you think it is like Battlefield and Hawken together? 
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