EA Sports Line Up Revealed at E3

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Andrew Wilson starts off the show of EA Sports with the a small preview of EA Sports Ignite, the new system that allows players in the game to become almost like the real athlete. Combining human intelligence, true player motion and a new living world, Sports Ignite brings these games closer to home.

After the preview of Ignite, NBA Live 14 was unveiled. The new NBA title reveals new inegration with the Ignite engine to create a new experience on the court. Kyrie Irving, a seasoned Basketball player helped bring into play what the new NBA Live game brings to the table. A new dribbling system known as Bounce Tech allows the player to have full control over their dribble and the ball itself. You will be able to trick opponents and use the ball to your advantage. On top of this new natural gameplay, the stats of the NBA all stars will be updated every hour to let you know who’s hot and who’s not.

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Madden NFL 25 was the next sports title to be revealed. The game brings into play a new True Step Locomotion system that enables the players to have precise footwork in the game that can allow you to sneak between those tight spots and be able to run to your desiredf target with a closer eye on where to step. Players will be able to scan, navigate and react to plays on the fly with the new intelligent AI built from the ground up. A new emphasis was also show on line play as you can now precisely look for those sweet spots when it comes to passing the ball. Madden NFL 25 is schedueled for an Xbox One and PS4 release later this fall.

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Fifa 14 was next on the list of previewed games, showcasing a trailer with big football stars sharing their experiences on the pitch. Drake, a popular singer and avid fan of the series, then came out to introduce Matt Bibley that shows more of what the game has to offer. Thanks to ignite, the fans and the players all have natural and live reactions that can be seen throughout. The AI now have a the ability to become the smartest players ever. They will move into positions, make plays that their authentic counter parts would do and can now react to more advanced techniques. The game is schedualed for a fall release on the Xbox One and PS4.

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Finally, Bruce Buffer brings his voice out on stage as he introduces Andrew Wilson and Dana White to talk about the new UFC game. With the newest MMA title, players will be able to experience a new cage fighting experience with groundbreaking new features. One of the features is the MMAi system that allows the fighters to have full on realistic reactions to attacks and submissions as well as full body deformation. The game will be out in early Spring next year on PS4 and Xbox One.

So what are your thoughts on the EA Sports line up? Are you impressed with wehats on offer? Let us know what you think down in the comments.