Dragon Age: Inquisition Debut Trailer At EA’s E3 Conference

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Dragon Age 3: Inquisition will not be coming to late next year, but EA and Bioware have promised that the wait will be worth it.

The third part of the Dragon Age saga will be an open world, with the player gathering allies in a world torn apart after the uprising of the mages after the ending of Dragon Age 2.

The short CGI teaser trailer included narration from Claudia Black, better known to fans of the series of Morrigan. She hasn’t been seen since she left through a portal to unknown lands, possibly with the grey warden and their child. Dragon Age 2’s smart-ass dwarf Varric also made an appearance, although unknown in what capacity at this time.

“The Fires Above” trailer was sure to capture the sense of apocalypse the series has slowly built towards. It seems all the tensions that have bubbled up over the series may finally erupt, along with a cracked sky reigning doom.

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