New Arma 3 Images Revealed

arma3 e32013 screenshot 01

In anticipation of next week’s E3 exhibition, Bohemia Interactive released a brand new set of Arma 3 screenshots. The special E3 care package includes screenshots taken from the upcoming Arma 3 Beta, as well as screenshots from the full game. Be wanred, this is the last text you’ll see for a while as there are 12 jaw-dropping pictures ahead.

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Starting with the successful Arma: Cold War Assault (originally titled Operation Flashpoint*: Cold War Crisis) in 2001, Arma 3 is the latest installment in Bohemia Interactive’s award-winning tactical military shooter series for PC. Set in a Mediterranean sandbox of over 290 km², featuring 40+ weapons and 20+ vehicles, Arma 3 provides an authentic, diverse and open combat experience. The game features a wide variety of singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay, as well as limitless options for content creation.

For those who missed Bohemia Interactive’s official E3 invitation, the studio will present an exclusive first look at some of the new Arma 3 content, focusing upon heavy fire-power and military logistics. Visitors can also go hands-on with the playable showcase missions (Combined Arms, Commanding, and more) from the upcoming Arma 3 Beta.

For anyone lucky enough to be at E3, the Bohemia Interactive booth at E3 is located in the South Exhibition hall (booth 2523). The other games on display are DayZ and a brand new game in the Take On series.

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