Indie Royale Arclight Bundle Now Live

It seems like a new bundle happens every other day now. Between the Humble Bundles, Indie Royale and numerous other “pay-what-you-want” services, how has the indie pool not run dry yet? The insane creativity of talented developers of course!

The Arclight Bundle, hosted by Indie Royale, features five games and five expansions for one low price. The games cover Arcen Games back catalogue, an accomplished team from North Carolina.

The games on offer are A.I. Wars, A Valley Without Wind, A Valley Without Wind 2, Shattered Haven and Tidalis. Along with these five games, Arcen is also giving gamers all five A.I. Wars expansions; Vengeance of the Machine, The Zenith Remnant, Children of Neinzul, Light of the Spire and Ancient Shadows.

For going a little higher than the average you get the album Deorbit by Disasterpeace, an 8-track experience available in MP3 and FLAC.

It is a very generous offer, and one that more indie devs are capitalizing on to get themselves known and to sell their games.

At the time of writing the bundle is at the tidy sum of £3.49/$5.32, not a bad deal at all. If you feel lavish splash out to the total of £5.24/7.98 for the extra album. 

The bundle will be running for just over five more days, so get giving and enjoy your games.

The Arclight Bundle can be found here

What do you think? Do you enjoy the slew of bundles that have come out recently? Found any great gems? Have any ideas for future bundle ideas? Tell us below in the comments.