Arma 3 – Live Stream 2: Combined Arms Showcase

Live from Bohemia Interactive HQ, the Arma 3 development team will host a second pre-E3 hangout on Saturday June 8 at 17:00 UTC. Offering a sneak peek at the upcoming Arma 3 Beta, this official livestream on presents the Combined Arms Showcase – available in the upcoming Arma 3 Beta. Altis, the 270 square-km island from the full game, will also make a brief appearance.

Following a successful first livestream on scenario editing, Mission Designer Thomas Ryan and several other Arma 3 devs will do multiple playthroughs of the new Beta mission, placing an emphasis on the dynamic gameplay in Arma 3. The session is expected to be about one hour and viewers are welcome to join the conversation on Twitch chat and Twitter. Those who do not want to miss out can already enlist for the official event via Arma 3’s Facebook Page.

Leave a comment if you’ll be catching the stream today.