First Dying Light Trailer Says Good Night, Good Luck

Dying Light, a new game announced by Techland in conjunction with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, has zombies and parkour. It sounds like the perfect skill to have while running away from a shambling horde of uncoordinated horrors. This doesn’t appear to work so well on the living however.

Appearing like a more agile Dead Island, Dying Light is set in a city torn apart by the undying hordes of flesh-craving monstrocities. Having to both outrun zombies and other survivors as you run towards supply drops, so far it seems like an interesting mix of I Am Alive and Mirror’s Edge.

The Dead Island and Call of Juarez series developers are using Dying Light as their first step into the next-gen market, releasing it on both PS4 and Xbox One. This is as well as the current gen PS3, Xbox 360 and the ever-relevant PC.

While much is unknown about the game right now it will most likely be launched in 2014, and for those wondering the song in the trailer was “Run Boy, Run” by Woodkid.

What do you think? Does this mix of acrobatic ability and zombie-killing entice you? Tell us in the comments.