Xbox One Could be Cheaper With SKY Subscriptions

Microsoft have been said to be in talks with Sky to Bundle the Xbox one with Sky subscriptions in the UK. The news comes from MVC sources that the Xbox one itself could be used as a set-top box or have a companion device at a significantly reduced price. 

The site says that the partnership may even already be sealed, if this is the case Microsoft could make the announcement as early as Monday in their E3 confrerence. Microsoft have declined to comment on the report. Phil Harrison, Corproate vice president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business was quoted regarding the Xbox one’s TV applications saying “We believe that the TV connectivity of Xbox One is a really magical part of the system and we’re committed to making that amazing wherever you live. We know that TV is ultra local and we already have teams in place to work on that vision”

What do you think of this news? Would a partnership with Sky help sell more consoles or will be a turn off to people who watch netflix and other streaming sites? Let us know in the comments below.