EVE Online: Odyssey Goes Live.

CCP Games, the leading independent developer of massively multiplayer online games, has released the 19th free expansion for EVE Online, the most successful science fiction MMO of all time. EVE Online: Odyssey revitalizes exploration of the cosmic frontier, fortifying one of the greatest inspirational forces for those who have come to experience the EVE universe during its ten amazing years. Changes to scanning, hidden sites, and discovery are just a few of the additions designed to help pilots continue their epic journeys through New Eden.

Odyssey introduces the Sensor Overlay, a new system that helps players uncover the riches, riddles and relics hidden among the stars. This improved scanner sports a streamlined user interface, with gorgeous visuals and improved utility sure to inspire new players and veteran explorers to undock for fresh adventures.

EVE Online: Odyssey brings evolved and enhanced spaceship metrics for multiple ship classes and redistributed stellar resource landscape, exploration sites, and NPC loot across the universe. These changes will shake up EVE’s player-driven economy and rattle tenuous diplomatic ties between even the largest player alliances of New Eden. Allegiances will shift, markets will boom and crash, and fresh wars will rage across the cosmos as EVE’s notorious pilots do what they do best—follow their ambitions and live their own unique and dramatic stories.

Just in time for these upheavals, Odyssey also rolls out brand new Navy Battlecruisers in which to explore, exploit, and conquer the galaxy. Player-owned starbases have also gotten an update, as the new expansion introduces dozens of fixes, updates, user interface innovations, and enhanced features such as radial menus and probe formations to make EVE Online more accessible without sacrificing its world-renowned depth.

“Odyssey is about revisiting the original promise of EVE Online; a truly massive universe filled with danger, opportunity and wonder,” said Andie Nordgren, senior producer for EVE Online. “Yet the true excitement and drama comes, as always in EVE, from the interaction between players vying to attain the same goals. Odyssey adds fuel to that fire.”

Are you an EVE Player who is excited for this release? Or maybe an ex-EVE player who is being tempted back into the fold? Let us know in the comments below.