Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia & Bioshock’s Rapture In Minecraft

In preparation for our upcoming Bioshock Infinite event, we thought we’d get everyone in the mood with a look at all things Bioshock. What better way to do that by combining it with another of our great loves, Minecraft.

Minecraft is a great tool for the more creative gamers out there, allowing them to build almost anything they can imagine, as well as recreate some awesome stuff someone else has already imagined…such as the flying city of Columbia from Bioshock Infinite.

What do you think? Pretty cool huh? Sadly this is only a partial recreation of Columbia so the tower that houses Elizabeth isn’t in it yet but never the less it’s pretty impressive work. We even managed to recognise a few of the early areas (“I remember hiding behind that box”). The minecart skyrail system is very nice too, though we wouldn’t advise trying to skyline strike a creeper from that height…it won’t end well.

As the great Billy Mays said “But wait, there’s more”. The youtuber who showed off this Columbia remake has also got a video showing off a rendition of the orignal Bioshock’s Rapture. Check it out in the video below:

We’re having a hard time deciding which we like more here at VGU, Columbia or Rapture…but Rapture could be edging it. The chilling voice over of Andrew Ryan really helps the Rapture video capture the feel of Bioshock. That and the Big Daddy reskin for the golem which is brilliant.

Anyway that’s all for now, be sure to check out our Bioshock Infinite event, either at the live event or by joining us for the live stream on thursday 6th june at 6:30pm.

As our parting question, which Minecraft remake do you prefer? Columbia or Rapture? Let us know in the comments below.