Build Your Dream Machine In Ride To Hell: Retribution

RTH BikeCustom 02

While Ride to Hell: Retribution isn’t winning anyone over at the moment with its grindhouse vibe, questionable animation and iffy voice acting, there is still hope it could be entertaining in its stupidity. One thing however that Eutechnyx has failed to mention much on however has been the motorcycle customization.

This element shouldn’t really be a surprise though. For a game centered around criminal biker gangs, not having the ability to stamp that little bit of a personal touch on your two-wheeled monstrocity would be a bit of a sin. Thankfully however Ride to Hell has that covered. Allowing apparently everything from the handles to the engine to be swapped out and tweaked, Ride to Hell could have a small saving throw here. While it might not save what could possibly be a terrible game, if the bikes handle well and the system is deep enough then it may be worth your money when the price slowly slips downwards.

RTH BikeCustom 02 RTH BikeCustom 03 RTH BikeCustom 04

Ride to Hell: Retribution is out late June for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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