Eldevin Enters Second Phase Of Closed Beta

Scottish based developers Hunted Cow Studios are entering the second phase of their closed beta for Eldevin. After a large amount of positive feedback, they need you.

Introducing new features and a slew of improvements, Eldevin has thousands of new spots for players who wish to join the ranks of the Eldevin Army or the Mages of the Arcane Council. Touting itself as a “story-driven MMORPG”, it should give players lucky enough to get into the beta a reason to stick around.

Playable in most modern browsers, players will be able to experience PVE and PVP combat with the promise of an already developed end-game to delve into.

You can join the beta here.

Will you be joining the world of Eldevin? Do you already play it? Tell us in the comments.