Dragon’s Crown Character Trailers: Hot Elf On Dwarf Action

Dragon’s Crown, either famous or infamous depending on your viewpoint on its character design, has two new trailers showcasing two of the six playable classes. the dwarf and the elf.

First up, the dwarf. Combining the mighty power of Thor with the ridiculous preportions of a Rob Liefeld drawing, he adds the raw brute strength to any monster beat-down. Duel-weilding hammers and carrying a majestic beard, he will lay the damage on with both powerful swings and crushing grapples.

The elf comes from the other end of the scale. Sporting punishing kicks and magicle arrow-based abilities, she can bring the pain both up-close and far away. All that wrapped in a nifty brown and green cloak.

Developed by Atlus and Vanillaware, Dragon’s Crown comes out August 6th on PS3 and PS Vita and can be pre-ordered now.

What do you think? Which character will you chose when the game is released later this year? Tell us below in the comments.