Hideo Kojima Teasing the Theme of Metal Gear Solid V on Twitter

We bring you the latest news from the land of Twitter. This time, Hideo Kojima pits a question to his followers about the theme that might be in Metal Gear Solid V.

In all of the Metal Gear Solid titles that Kojima has worked on, they have always been centred on a theme. Metal Gear Solid 1’s theme was Gene, MGS2’s theme was Meme, MGS3’s was Scene, MGS4’s was Sense and Peace Walker’s was, quite obviously, Peace.

The hint that Kojima has given his fans as to what the theme for Metal Gear Solid V might be is simply the following: ???e

This signifies that it may be a four letter word with an e on the end, somewhat similar to the other theme names. Hideo Kojima gave a further hint in another tweet that the answer isn’t “Love”, “Hope”, or “Fate”. We believe that the theme will be revealed at the Konami E3 Pre-Show next week, along with the voice of Big Boss. When this all happens, we will have all the information for you right here at VGU.

Leave a comment below with your own guesses as to what the theme of MGS V might be.