Famitsu Features Final Fantasy Series Development Status, No Versus 13 Listed

The latest edition of Famitsu shed some light (through a fan twitter post) on the production time of the upcoming set of Final Fantasy titles. All titles are around the latter stages of development.

Final Fantasy X HD: 80%

Final Fantasy X-2 HD: 65%

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: 70%

Final Fantasy VIII PC: 80%

There was no mention of Final Fantasy Versus 13 but several fans are beginning to speculate that it might be announced for PS4 at E3. However, with no news of Versus 13 having come in a very long time, it seems fans are just clutching at straws and trying to be positive about a game that certainly did look very promising.

With E3 literally just around the corner, who knows what will be announced. Perhaps there will be another announcement that announces a future announcement? Leave a comment with your thoughts on the upcoming Final Fantasy games and the mystery behind Versus 13.