Ubisoft Announce Rayman Legends for Playstation Vita with Exclusive Maps & Costumes

Are you an owner of a Playstation Vita? Well, you’re in luck because the eagerly anticipated Rayman Legends will be heading to Playstation Vita alongside all of the console versions on August 30th.

The Vita edition of the game will not only include all of the Rayman Legends content, but also give exclusives maps that will be playable with Murphy, the greenbottle fly, controlled using the read touch pad. There will also be a multiplayer mode which will be accessible using Wi-Fi which will allow co-op play, online challenges and a leaderboard for rankings.

Two exclusive costumes are also available for the Vita game. Fans of other Ubisoft games will be pleased as you will be able to dress Rayman in a Prince of Persia costume and Globox as a spy from Splinter Cell.

Are you excited for the release of Rayman Legends? We are sure it will be worth the wait as Rayman is looking better than ever. Leave a comment on if you’ll be adventuring with Rayman once again.